Learn When to Start Planting Flowers Outside

All plants are different and have different flowering seasons. Before choosing the species that you’re going to plant in your garden, you need to know the best time of the year to do it.

For example, some flowers bloom in spring; however, you must sow them in another season to see the results. In addition, you should periodically apply fertilizers and pesticides to keep your plants strong and protected from pests and diseases.

If this is your first time planting flowers, the tips in this article will teach you to do it like a pro. No longer you have to pay someone else to make your ideal garden. Today you’ll learn when to start planting flowers outside.

What is Planting Flowers Outside?

Planting flowers outside is more than a hobby. It’s almost an exact science. To succeed in your labor, you must know:

  • Start and end date of each season.
  • The perfect time to sow.
  • The amount of water and fertilizer needed at each stage of growth.
  • The exact dose of pesticides.
  • The estimated date of flowering.

Planting flowers outside isn’t just about sowing a seed at any time and expecting a miracle to happen. For that reason, you must know everything about the species you’re going to sow to have good results.

When to Start Planting Flowers Outside?

Both bulbs and flower seeds bloom in spring. However, each of them has an optimal planting season. Whatever your choice, you should always keep in mind the following considerations:

Spring Bulbs

Bulbs are plant organs that feed on soil nutrients. Therefore, you need to bury them. Bulbs grow plants and flowers, when they reach full maturation.

Unlike some shrubs that only give flowers at a certain season, the bulbs bloom more frequently. September is the best month to start planting.

You can continue to do so during the following months until the arrival of winter, when the ground begins to freeze.

Flower Seeds

Flower seeds bloom in spring. October is the ideal month to sow. To ensure that your garden has beautiful flowers all the time, it’s convenient to combine perennial and annual species.

You can also sow flower seeds during spring. However, you’ll have to wait a whole year to see the first flowers.

In the case of annual flowers, you should expect the soil temperature during spring to drop to about 15 degrees Celsius for results.

Water, Fertilizers and Pesticides

Each type of plant requires an optimal dose of water and fertilizer to grow healthy and strong. The concentration varies with each species. It’s convenient that you investigate well all aspects related to the maintenance of each plant in your garden.

Also remember that most plants require more water and nutrients in the growth stage, compared to the germination and flowering stage.

You should follow the recommended concentrations very well when applying fertilizers and pesticides directly on the plant. If you do it wrong you could burn them.


You don’t need to be an expert gardener to guarantee beautiful flowers in your garden. You just have to follow these simple tips very carefully. Remember that each plant is different.

Therefore, don’t give everyone the same treatment. Be careful with the dosage of fertilizers and pesticides. Remember that each seed and bulb has an optimal month to sow.

If you do it out of time, you won’t get the results you expect.

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