DIY Guide: How to Replace A Shovel Handle Rivet

It always happens with shovels with hardwood shafts. After a long period of use, the hardwood weakens and the day you least expect it, it breaks. And most of the time that happens inside the steel collar. That is the reason we are going to write about how to replace a shovel handle rivet article. Hope it will work for you.

If you have enough money, you can just forget about the broken shovel and buy a new one. However, if that blade is valuable to you, the best option is to fix the entire shovel. But to do it, you’ll need the right tools.

Replacing the shaft and the handle rivet is easier than it seems. And today you’ll learn how to do it in easy to understand steps.

What is Shovel?

A shovel is a tool commonly used for digging soil. It’s made up of three main elements:

  • Head
  • Shaft
  • Handle

The head or spoon is the steel part that buries in the ground. Depending on the shape of your blade, you can perform various functions, such as cutting and removing soil.

The shaft is a bar that connects the head with the handle. The most common manufacturing materials are steel, hardwood and fiberglass. Depending on the type of use, each material offers its pros and cons.

The handle is the part where you grab the tool. The most common handle types are:

  • Straight
  • T-handle
  • D-handle
  • O-handle

Step by Step Guide of How to Replace A Shovel Handle Rivet

To do this work you’ll need to have the following materials and tools on hand:

  • Brand new hardwood shovel shaft
  • Brand new handle rivet
  • Respirator
  • Angle grinder with wire brush disc
  • Vise
  • Hammer
  • Steel pin punch
  • Electric drill
  • Flat wood drill bit
  • Regular wood drill bit
  • Welding machine
  • Stainless steel electrode

DIY Guide

Once you have everything you need, just follow these steps.

  • Step #01
    First of all, you’ll need to remove all the dirt and debris stuck from the shovel head. To do that, use an angle grinder with a wire brush disc. It’s convenient that you use a respirator during the process so as not to inhale the generated dust.
  • Step #02
    Once the head is perfectly clean, you must secure it in the vise.
  • Step #03
    Using a steel pin punch and a hammer, hit the old handle rivet on the collar several times until it comes out.
  • Step #04
    Remove the piece of hardwood stuck inside the collar. If the hardwood is difficult to remove, use an electric drill with a flat wood drill bit to wear it out.
  • Step #05
    Once the collar hole is completely clean, insert the new hardwood shaft. Then, use a marker to mark the location of the handle rivet hole on the wood. Then remove the shaft.
  • Step #06
    Using an electric drill with a regular wood drill bit, drill a hole over the mark on the shaft. The new handle rivet must have a perfect fit. Be sure to choose the correct drill bit diameter.
  • Step #07
    Insert the shaft into the collar, matching both holes. Then place the handle rivet in the corresponding hole and nail it with a hammer.
  • Step #08
    To ensure that the new handle rivet doesn’t come out, secure it with stainless steel welding. To do this you’ll need a welding machine and a stainless steel electrode.


By following these simple steps, you can fix any shovel you can imagine. If the shovel head is still in good condition, it’s a good idea to repair the tool. Obviously, you’ll need to have all required tools and materials. Remember to use safety equipment at all times to avoid accidents.

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