Best Thing To Get at Olive Garden Restaurant

Yeah, that’s right! You came here searching gardening articles and you’re surprised to find a review about a restaurant. But why not?

If you’ve ever eaten at Olive Garden, you know it’s the most amazing experience of your life, after visiting Dineyland for the first time. If you always thought that your nonna’s food was the best on this planet, it’s because you’ve never visited this restaurant.

Best Thing To Get at Olive Garden

Their menu is so varied that it would literally take you more than 30 minutes to analyze it completely. That thing is as long as the Constitution! (No lie) With so many different dishes, choosing just one can get quite difficult. But, don’t be afraid!

This article is more than a review. It’s the ultimate guide of how to order the best dish at Olive Garden. If you want your next visit to Olive Garden to be the closest to a culinary Nirvana, pay close attention. These are the best things to get at Olive Garden.

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What is Olive Garden?

Olive Garden is the largest Italian food chain in the United States. It started in 1982, as a unit from General Mills, Inc. In the 80’s it became one of the fastest growing franchises in the country.

In just 7 years, Olive Garden already had 145 restaurants and in different cities in the United States. In 2010, it became the Italian food chain with the highest sales in the country, achieving a record $ 3.3 billion.

As part of its global expansion, Olive Garden founded its first restaurant in Mexico in 2012. Today there are 17 restaurants throughout the Mexican Republic.

Learn Best Thing to Get at Olive Garden

The moment of truth is now! Prepare your heart and your taste buds, because what comes next isn’t suitable for the weakhearted. This calorie overdose promises to make you happy and relieve your soul. This is the top 3 of the most delicious dishes from Olive Garden.

01. Lasagna Frittata

What’s better than a lasagna? A lasagna fritatta. This masterpiece full of calories and love, takes the concept of comfort food to a whole new level. Like the lasagna you prepare at home, but with the distinctive style and flavor of Olive Garden.

Layers of lasagna, tomato sauce, Alfredo sauce and cheese sandwiched one on another. Finally an abundant layer of Parmigiano reggiano that slowly gratins in the oven, forming a delicious crunchy layer.

When it comes out of the oven, the whole thing goes through a relaxing bath of egg and bread crumbs. Then it goes directly to the fryer. After a few minutes, the masterpiece is complete.

02. Shrimp Alfredo

After trying this, you’ll want to add bacon and shrimps to your plate every time you eat fettuccine Alfredo. The magic begins with the sauce. A mixture of buttermilk, olive oil, garlic, pepper, mozzarella and Parmigiano reggiano cooked over low heat.

Meanwhile, shrimp and bacon are frying in another pan. When everything is perfectly cooked, the sauce and fettuccine are added to the pan with shrimps. It’s then served in a deep dish and garnished with fresh herbs and generous pieces of Parmigiano reggiano.

03. Tour of Italy

It’s like the edible version of the Italian flag. A generous portion of three different types of pasta, covered with plenty of pesto sauce, Alfredo sauce and tomato sauce. As a final touch, a shower of Parmigiano reggiano that melts in your mouth with every bite.

To make your Tour of Italy even more special, order a portion of the famous breadstick s from Olive Garden. If there’s anything better than this heavenly experience, it’s heaven itself.


Next time you’re hungry after a busy day of gardening, visit Olive Garden. If you’re looking for the true taste of Italy, you don’t have to go to one of those expensive gourmet restaurants. Olive Garden is like is the Italian grandmother you always wanted to have. Lots of comfort food and pleasant atmosphere. The perfect place to take your whole family.

For more information about Olive Garden Restaurant, see official website.

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